Have you ever gone to the bathroom only to look in the mirror and discover there’s giant fleck of pepper or worse… broccoli stuck in your teeth?

Yeah, we all have. And it’s horrifying. You instantly wonder how long it’s been there and why no one told you.


Well, here’s the thing… I will never, ever again tell a stranger they have food in their teeth.

And here’s why.

I was at Chipotle one day. (I know, I know, I’m so basic!)

I was standing in line, about to order when this young guy behind the counter smiled at me.

I smiled back 100% ready to place my order, but immediately noticed he had something in his teeth. That’s when my brain was like, “Oh, no! He’s smiling so much, I can’t let him keep working his shift like that. I’d be mortified if that were me.”

So being the person that I am, I said, “Hey, not sure if you know, but you’ve got something stuck between your two front teeth.”

He gave a sheepish smile and said, “Actually, I have a gap. I get that all the time though.”

TOTAL AND INSTANT MELTDOWN ON MY END. I felt like the world’s biggest @$$hat. I turned that horrid shade of red that you see on cars when men are having a midlife crisis and apologized nearly a bazillion times.

I didn’t go back to that Chipotle for over a month. A MONTH!

And THAT is exactly why I will NEVER EVER tell another stranger they have food in their teeth. I don’t even care if I can identify what food it is. It could be a whole steak and I wouldn’t make a peep!

It’s staying there until either they notice it or a friend tells them.

I still feel bad about Chipotle guy. To this day, I want to find him and apologize again…

Now the real question is, what kind of friend are you? Would you tell your friend they have something in their teeth, or do you pretend to not notice it? Be honest!

Not sure how to tell someone about that food in their teeth? Stephanie Lee over at Lifehacker has got you covered!

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