Going to school in the Midwest was weird, and that’s coming from somebody who spent a majority of her childhood in Missouri and Illinois.

(For those of you who don’t know where the Midwest is, allow me to enlighten you!)


See that map right there? All that red, that’s Midwest America!

Don’t get me wrong—that little red area isn’t THAT crazy. In fact, no matter where you go, there will be weird quirks and traditions that will surprise you. As someone who’s lived in 6 different states, I’ve seen my fair share and have even grown accustomed to the unique differences that make up each area. Truthfully, while I was living in the Midwest, I didn’t view all of these quirks as quirks. Some of them were actually pretty normal to me.

And now that I’m living in Florida and have had a chance to look back on my youth, I’m seeing things a little differently. Want to know what the 3 weirdest quirks of going to school in the Midwest were? Just take a look!

There you have it. Those are the 3 weird quirks of going to school in the Midwest that I could think of. There’s definitely more of them, so keep an eye out for video number two!

If you’ve got any strange traditions that you saw while going to school, don’t be afraid to share them. If I get enough of them, I’ll make a video where I talk about the weird quirks you all experienced. Otherwise, I highly recommend checking out my last video where I talk about my horror stories and opinions on dating!